Viola. Olivia. Malvolio.

Shakespeare's greatest comedy is brought to life once more in 12.

A young girl named Viola is on the run when her father is shot by a bail bondsman. Told to flee by her loving twin brother Seb, who she also assumes is killed in the attack, Viola finds herself in the strange town of Illyria: a place where the strangest things go and mischief is afoot. 

Disguised as a boy to protect her identity, Viola finds herself caught up in games of love, nonsense and mistaken identity.

With Natalie Lauren (How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Little Shop of Horrors), Louisa Iselin (Blavatsky's Tower, Bang Bang, You're Dead), Saul Lowndes Britton (PomegranateTwo Way Mirror) leading a talented young cast and crew, 12 is a new reimagining not to be missed.